Monday, 24 February 2014

Im back!

I'm back, im finally back.
I haven't blogged in over a month now, and coincidentally i haven't read in over a month, the only thing i have read is a book for school.
I have had some issues in my personal life which have meant i have been focused on something else than reading. 
However, I am okay now and on the full road to recovery, so im back!
I'll try to update when i can, my life is pretty hectic right now with my GCSE's and such, so i may only have time for one post a month, but none of the less, i will be back to posting and reading.

I am so chuffed with myself as I've picked up a book tonight and have gotten fully engrossed in it, this is a big step for me with what is going on.

Love you all lots,

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