Friday, 27 December 2013

24 Hour Read-a-Thon PRE-Update

24 hour read-a-thon PRE update

I must be mad, in fact I am now officially mad. I have decided to take part in Brianna (bribookishconfessions) 24 hour read-a-thon. Why? I have a lot of time on my hands, i'm off school, have a huge TBR pile and  it seems fun. However, I don't know my plans yet for Sunday so i have kept my pile of books to the minimum and have cheekily involved smaller books.

I am going to try to read at least 7 books. although 2 are novellas. Here's the books and the order im reading them, plus a page count.

1- The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
I thought this would be nice to set the tone of the read-a-thon as it is a well loved book of mine. The pages in this book total to 551, so that starts the page count off nicely.

2- The book of shadows by Cate Tiernan.
This book seems like a fun little read, it is about witches so it should be fun.The book is 176 pages long so that brings the page count to 727.

3- Girl in the mirror by Cecelia Ahern. 
This is a cute little novella to pace my reading. It is only 89 pages long so that brings the page count to 816.

4- Legend by Marie Lu. 
Yet again another re-read.This re-read will prepare me for Prodigy and then Champion.The book is 295 pages long so this brings the page count to 1121.

 5- The demigod files by Rick Riordan
This book is like little novellas that take place around the time of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians.This book is 171 pages long so this brings the page count to 1191

6- Peter Pan by J M Barrie.
This book is only 205 pages long and is also a well loved book of mine.This brings the page count to 1396

7- The coven by Cate Tiernan.
I hope to finish the read-a-thon by reading the next book in the sweep series. This book is 185 pages long so this brings the page count to 1581.

For anymore information on the read-a-thon, visit Brianna's blog here:
I will be posting updates throughout the day on my instagram (Jessiereadsbooks) using the hashtag 24hourreadathon.
You can also tweet updates on twitter using the same hashtag.
For any more query's or if you want to take part, you can contact Brianna on twitter which is @bbookishconfess or on her instagram which is @bribookishconfessions.

Thank you for reading,
Much love,
Jessie x

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