Saturday, 28 December 2013

Book haul!

Book Haul #1

I have such a problem, it's time to confess, I have a book buying issue,
So after getting 23 books for Christmas, I decided to buy another 7 today....

Here's a sneak preview..

So first off I went into WHSmiths as I had a £15 voucher to spend,
all of the kids books were 3 for 2, so naturally I picked up 3, as I was approaching the till I came across a section that had reduced books and there I picked a book up for only £1!!

Here are the books i got...

As you know, I absolutely loved this book, but here's the thing, I read it on my kindle. I decided it was about time to add it to my collection of Sarah Dessen books. This was in the 3 for 2 offer.

I've heard nothing but good things about this book, what initially drew me to this book was the beautiful cover. After reading the synopsis and checking it out on Goodreads I was set to buy it. This was also in the 3 for 2 offer.  
 After reading Tempest and rating it 3 stars, I had no intentions to carry on with the series. But lately my curiosity has been getting the best of me and I now want to carry on with the series and see how it plays out, this book is the second in the trilogy so I am anxious to see what its like, will it have the same second book fate most books have? This was also in the 3 for 2 offer.
This book was a bargain, £1!
As you know from my top ten books from 2013, I really enjoyed a book by Jodi Picoult and ever since then I have been accumulating more books by her. After seeing this for a pound, in very good condition I decided to add it to my ever growing TBR pile.

I then popped into the works.
If you don't know what the works is, it's an extremely cheap book and stationary shop here in England, I like to pop in there as they have a deal '3 for £5' on most books and I often find some proper gems. 

Here are the books I got from the works...

I love Maria V Snyder's work so this was a must buy for me.
It is the second book in the glass series. I picked this up as I already have the first in the series, although I am not that sure whether I have this book already.
 I couldn't believe it when I saw quite a few Abbi Glines books in the offer, I picked up this one as I have the first one already and now I can marathon the duo.
Last but not least, I picked up the second in the blood of eden series by Julie Kagawa, I received the first for Christmas and now I have the second.

What books did you buy this weekend? 
Let me know in the comments:)
Thank you for reading,
Much love,
Jessie x

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