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top ten books of 2013

                       Top ten books of 2013

1~ Tiger lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. If you’re a big fan of Peter Pan or fairy tale retellings, you will love this book. It is full of magical moments that will leave you wishing you could have your own Peter. It is told from Tinkerbell’s point of view and she narrates the ‘love’ story between Tiger Lily and Peter Pan. I whole heartedly loved this book and I cannot wait to re-read it and re-live all my thoughts and feelings again.

2~ 13 reasons why by Jay Asher. If you liked the perks of being a wall flower then this book is for you. This book is about a girl called Hannah who sadly committed suicide. She lives behind a box of tapes, 13 tapes, 13 reasons why she did what she did. Narrated by Clay Jensen, the next person to have the box, you finally get to find out what part he had in Hannah’s suicide and also, if things can be mended or if they are broken forever. This book is beautiful, it takes a very controversial topic and portrays it perfectly. If you read this book, you can go to the blog for this book where you can hear narrations of the tapes.

3~ The tenth circle by Jodi Picoult. This book follows yet another controversial topic, rape. 14 year old Trixie thinks she’s in love, she thinks she has the perfect boyfriend. One night with her boyfriend takes a turn for the worse and the next thing you know, she believes she has been raped. When all the pieces come together you will realise why ‘he’ said that and why ‘they’ did that. Did Trixie get raped or is she making it up? I really connected with this book, I love how the controversial topic has been represented and how the story planned out.

4~Noughts and crosses by Malorie Blackman. Wow, yet again this book takes on a controversial topic. This time, racism. The racism is against whites, not blacks. The book follows Sephy and Callum, they are best friends but different races. Their friendship is forbidden. What happens when their friendship is put to the test? Will they fall in love? This book, wow. I love it. Callum is such a good character, he’s everything and more.

5~Between shades of gray by Ruta Sepetys. This book is set in Lithuania during the war. It follows Lina and her family as they get sent to a work camp in Siberia. It follows their struggles, love, betrayal and of all most, discovery. Lina documents everything that happens by art, she hopes her drawings will find their way to her dad so he knows they are alive. It is a long journey, 6,500 miles to be exact, but along the way we find out the true Lina and so does she. This book made me sob, it was perfect. The emotions captured in this book were so raw and beautiful. This is a must read for anyone/everyone.

6~ The moon and more by Sarah Dessen. This book is set in Colby and follows Emmaline. She is the ‘perfect’ girlfriend and friend. Suddenly Theo turns up, a city guy. He isn’t used to being out in the ‘middle of nowhere’ so Emmaline takes it upon herself to be his guide. Will love be lost? Will it be made?  This book is the typical Sarah Dessen novel, a girl finding out who she is. This book is perfect for along the ride fans as it is set in the same town and prominently features a few of the same characters, one mainly being Clyde. The constant mentions of tallyhos etc made me giddy and I couldn’t put this book down. I really like this book.

7~ The goddess test by Aimee Carter. This book is based around the story of Hades and Persephone and as it features Greek mythology it was an obvious read for me. The protagonist, Kate, has a sick mum, her mum is dying and she needs to find away for her mum to live, she is willing to sacrifice everything, even her life. Kate is forced to make a decision that will not only change her life but change the world as she knows it.  Can this stranger Henry offer her what she wants? He has the answers she needs, Kate just has to trust him,but with a lot of secrets and a history that shouldn't be unearthed, can Henry open up? Is this the start of a beautiful love story or a tragic ending... If you’re a fan of the selection then this book is good for you. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

8~ One hundred names by Cecelia Ahern. This book follows Kitty Logan as she makes one crucial mistake that ruins her career. Kitty is a journalist and she falsely accuses someone of being a paedophile. Kitty has one last chance to save her job, she is given a list of names and is told to make an article using it. What she finds out will change many lives, bring people together and ultimately will help Kitty find her calling. If you’re a fan of cute reads then give this a try.

9~ The fault in our stars by John Green. Need I tell you more? I think not.

And finally,

10~ Ketchup clouds by Annabel Pitcher. Zoe is absolutely desperate to share her secret with someone, someone who won't judge her. She decides to send anonymous letters to Stuart, a murderer on death row. through these letters, she reveals her biggest secret, she killed someone… throw in a love triangle and self-discovery and you have yourself a very good book.

Thank you for reading,
Much love,

Jessie x

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